Bhi Bhiman- Moving to Brussels

Great video for an even better song

Few artist seem to get music videos right today, but alternative folk/blues rock musician Bhi Bhiman nailed it right on the head with his video for “Moving to Brussels”. With the help of Keegan-Michael Key (better known as Key from ‘Key & Peele’), Bhi Bhiman spoofs the famous scene from Oscar-nominated film ‘Whiplash’ to debut his latest single in an entertaining fashion.

While the video may draw most people in, it is one simple fact that will make them stay: “Moving to Brussels” is a damn good song. Featuring a new-age blues sound with smooth vocals from Bhi Bhiman, “Moving to Brussels” delivers a lovely track that is certain to resonate with fans worldwide.

With his latest album, Rhyme & Reason, released just yesterday, Bhi Bhiman is ready to make some noise (no pun intended) in 2015. With his video for “Moving to Brussels” on its way to becoming a viral hit, I think it is safe to assume that 2015 is set to be a massive year for Bhi Bhiman.

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