Belle Roscoe- Gun To My Head

It’s time to take notice of this Aussie sibling duo

Coming at us this morning by way of Australia is the up-and-coming┬ásibling duo Belle Roscoe with their latest single, “Gun To My Head”.

The featured release off of their upcoming second album,┬áBelle Roscoe is set to cause a stir with “Gun To My Head”. A cross between Arcade Fire and Fleetwood Mac, “Gun To My Head” delivers a melodic and infectious single, combining contemporary sounds with classic retro writing styles to create a must-listen hit.

With their album due out in late April, Belle Roscoe is set to make a big bang in the music industry. A folk sound with a rock edge, Belle Roscoe presents music fans with a unique, refreshing sound that is guaranteed to satisfy the ear drums.

We are very excited to see what else Belle Roscoe has in store for us when they release their newest album, Bang Bang in the coming weeks. If it is anything like “Gun To My Head”, I think we will all be very satisfied!

To stay up to date with updates on band news and releases, check out Belle Rosco on their Facebook page and SoundCloud page!