Beat Assailant- Run

Perfect way to start off the holiday week

The weekend has finally come to a close and the dreaded Monday is here. But, fear not! A short work week is upon us with one of the best holidays just a few days away! With that in mind, lets kick off our Monday with the uptempo, super funky single “Run” from American musical artist Adam Turner, better known as Beat Assailant.

Fusing together elements of hip-hop, jazz, and funk, Beat Assailant creates a unique, and funky hit with “Run”. What seems to be a combination of 70’s disco on modern day hip hop, “Run” brings forth an uptempo and dance fueled beat that will have you hooked after just one listen.

Up until a couple of days ago, I had never heard of Beat Assailant. Boy am I glad that changed. With each one of his tracks, Beat Assailant delivers a spectacular fusion of musical elements that create an amazing listening experience.

For those of you hearing about Beat Assailant for the first time, we highly recommend you make yourself familiar ASAP. You can check out more from Beat Assailant over on his Spotify Channel!

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