Bay Faction- Crack Pipe

Perfect song for your morning

Hailing from Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts is rock/r&b trio Bay Faction with their brand new single, “Crack Pipe”.

With just under 600 fans on their Facebook page, chances are that you have never heard of Bay Faction. That changes today.

Having toured the northeast United States– from New Hampshire all the way to Rhode Island– and having songs featured on college television and radio, Bay Faction has built a small but dedicated following. Now, on the cusp of releasing their sophomore album, Bay Faction is looking to take their careers, along with their fan base, to the next level with the help of their new single “Crack Pipe”.

Released earlier this month, “Crack Pipe” is a prime example of the music stylings that make up Bay Faction’s current catalog. With the help of lead singer James McDermott’s laid back vocals, “Crack Pipe” combines an atmospheric yet uplifting musical style to create Bay Faction’s unique soulful sound. Coupled with a smooth guitar rift and steady bass line, “Crack Pipe” establishes an atmosphere that resembles established acts such as The Arctic Monkeys and The National. With comparisons like that, it’s tough not to fall in love with this song.

With a sound that transcends different genres, Bay Faction presents a new, unique listen for music lovers everywhere. Don’t let their small Facebook presence fool you, these guys can play. Give it a little time, a few more shows, and another release and I guarantee that number is going to skyrocket.

For more music from Bay Faction, head on over to their SoundCloud page. You can also check them out over on bandcamp.


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