BANKS- Are You That Somebody (Aaliyah Acoustic Cover)

Prepare yourself for chills

Taking on the smash hit “Are You That Somebody” by late r&b star Aaliyah, BANKS performs a spectacular acoustic rendition guaranteed to send chills up your spine. Showcasing her impressive vocals, BANKS adds her own flair to “Are You Somebody” while paying respects to the original. The cover is an enjoyable listen from start to finish, from the excellent guitar and percussion all the way to the range in BANK’s voice.

A couple of years ago, BANKS was your everyday singer/songwriter posting her music on SoundCloud hoping to catch a big break. Today, BANKS is one of the most recognized artists in alternative pop genre, receiving support and features from MTV, Shazam, iTunes, Spotify, and many more.

To be honest, I haven’t listened to much BANKS, despite the requests of many friends, but after hearing her rendition of “Are You That Somebody” that is all about to change. Head on over to BANKS’s YouTube channel for more awesome music. You can be I’ll be spending the next couple of hours checking it out!

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