Avicii- The Days (Fast Forward Music Rock Cover)

These guys never fail to disappoint

Taking on Avicii’s most recent smash hit, “The Days” is Swedish rock duo Fast Forward Music.

No strangers to The Undiscovered, Fast Forward Music has been delivering us with quality rock covers of musics biggest hits. Their cover of Avicii’s most recent single, “The Days”, continues this trend as they transform the EDM hit into a awesome sounding pop-rock jam.

At first listen, I assumed that Fast Forward Music was comprised of four or five members. It was to my amazement when I discovered that their impressive rock renditions were the result of two very talented musicians, Mikael Olsson and Rickard Lindvall. Using their vast musical abilities, Olsson and Lindvall are able to completely transform these pop hits and recreate them in a spectacular rock fashion.

If you have never check out Fast Forward Music before, you are certainly missing out. With a number of rock covers of some of pop music’s biggest hits, Fast Forward Music will be sure to keep you entertained for quite some time. Head on over to their YouTube channel and be prepared to be be amazed by their awesome covers!