Ashton Forde- The Game

Powerful voice from this up and coming singer out of the UK

Straight out of London is pop singer/songwriter Ashton Forde with her single “The Game”.

When I first heard “The Game”, I was absolutely blown away by the vocal talent of Ashton Forde. At the young age of 20, Ashton Forde’s voice far exceeds her age, matching the strength and sound of many pop singers that we hear on the radio today.

Couple her vocal ability with the infectious melody and catchy chorus of “The Game” and you have all the ingredients needed for a hit song. From start to finish, “The Game” has a sound reminiscent of a Top 40 radio hit, and I wouldn’t be surprised if one day it ended up there.

At only 20 years young, Ashton Forde has the talent and time in her favor to make some noise within the music industry. Don’t be surprised if you start seeing her name pop up more and more over the next few months.

For more awesome music from Ashton Forde, check out her YouTube channel and SoundCloud page, you won’t be disappointed!

Download the track for FREE over on her website!

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