Artist Spotlight- Vintage Trouble

Who said commercials were always bad?

This weeks artist spotlight belongs to Soul, Blues Rock band, Vintage Trouble.

Believe it or not, I first discovered Vintage Trouble after seeing a Honda car ad on TV. After seeing the ad a few times, the song became stuck in my head and I had to go on YouTube and figure out who it was. Low and behold my results landed me on the extremely talented group, Vintage Trouble.

Formed in early 2010, Los Angeles based rockers Vintage Trouble have quickly turned heads within the music industry. Consisting of four members, Ty Taylor (Vocals), Nalle Colt (Guitar), Rick Barrio Dill (Bass), and Richard Danielson (Drums), Vintage Trouble has combined their vintage rock and roll sound with their electrifying live performances to wow audiences across the world and establish themselves as a must see act.

With strong influences in the genres of rock and roll and soul, Vintage Trouble has been able to successfully combine these elements to create their own unique sound. If you even listen closely, you can feel the influences of Otis Redding, Chuck Berry, and Ike and Tina Turner resonate throughout their music. Unlike many rock and roll acts today, Vintage Trouble has been able to utilize their rock and roll/soul sound to ¬†help modernize the ever popular 50’s-60’s rock and roll music.

If you have been impressed by what you have heard in their studio recordings, then you’d be completely blown away by their live performances. Using their high energy and fast paced music, Vintage Trouble has continually impressed audiences with their concerts. When watching a video of one of their performances, you can see and feel how the crowd feeds off of the bands energy, making for what looks like a remarkable experience.

With an incredible sound, electric performances, and a boat load of personality, Vintage Trouble is a band that we are very excited to follow in the future. With only one album under their belt and an quickly growing fan base, it’s safe to assume that Vintage Trouble still has plenty more music left in them and a lot more great things on the way.

Be sure to be on the lookout for more great music from Vintage Trouble in the future and head on over to their Facebook page and YouTube channel for more music and updates!