Artist Spotlight- The Winter Brave

Really cool story about this weeks Artist Spotlight

This weeks Artist Spotlight belongs to Boston based rock band, The Winter Brave.

Last week I was browsing through Reddit when I came across a really cool story posted by one of the members of The Winter Brave. He stated that ever since Dave Grohl’s (Guitarist/lead vocals for Foo Fighter’s) AMA (Ask Me Anything) his band had exploded all night.

To summarize that story, which you can all read here, The Winter Brave’s music was posted on the AMA asking Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters to listen to their music and check out their Facebook page. To their surprise, Dave Grohl replied saying how they had blasted their song and enjoyed what they heard. Within hours, their Soundcloud went from hundreds of listeners to thousands, their Facebook likes skyrocketed, and their popularity grew to a level they had only dreamed about.

After reading this story, I had to check out The Winter Brave and see for myself what they were all about. I certainly was not disappointed by what I heard. Comprised of three members, Jake Scarpino (Guitar/Lead vocals), Chris Beaulieu (Bass/Vocals), and Sam Scarpino (Drums/Vocals), The Winter Brave is a true rock/indie band that has the talent to make it big in the industry. They have an awesome, raw rock sound that seems to have escaped so many rock artists today.

With only a short time of being popular under their belt, the sky seems to be the limit for The Winter Brave. To think that it only took one comment, and one reply for The Winter Brave’s fortunes to change, it makes you wonder what the future has in store for this young group. With an endorsement from one of Rock and Rolls biggest names, it seems that The Winter Brave are on a road to success and we here at The Undiscovered are very excited to see what is to come!

Check out more from The Winter Brave over on their Facebook page, SoundCloud, and download their album over on Bandcamp!