Artist Spotlight: The Stone Foxes

Rock and Roll is making a comeback in a big way

I want to try out something new here. Aside from the covers and original songs I will be posting on a daily basis, at least once a week I want to pick an artist that might be a bit under the radar to the masses and spotlight them here.

The first spotlight I’ll be doing is of the Rock and Roll band, The Stone Foxes.

Comprised of members Aaron Mort (bass, drums), Elliot Peltzman (keys, vocals), and brothers Shannon (drums, vocals) and Spence (guitar, vocals) Koehler,  The Stone Foxes have quickly made a name for themselves amongst the Rock and Roll community. The Stone Foxes blend the elements of blues rock, soul, and country to bring a raw Rock and Roll sound that will certainly please the ear buds. You may have seen them opening for hit acts such as Cage the Elephant or Grammy winners The Black Keys, or maybe you’ve heard their cover of Slim Harpo’s  “I’m A King Bee” featured on Jack Daniels commercials.  However, if you’ve never heard their music before, right now is a good time to start.

Their raw sound and talent is brought forefront through their unique, live performances. Throughout their shows, you’ll see the talented members swap their instruments, switch lead singers, and bring so much infectious energy you’ll find yourself jumping up and getting in on the fun. Check out this performance of their song “Stomp” from the Stern Grove Festival:

Check out The Stone Foxes over at their website, and show them some love and purchase their music over on iTunes

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