Artist Spotlight- Shad

This weeks Artist Spotlight belongs to up and coming hip-hop artist, Shad.

Kenyan born, Canadian raised rapper, Shad has been pumping out quality hip-hop since he burst onto the music scene in 2005. Having recently won a Kitchener-Waterloo radio station talent show, Shad invested his winnings into releasing his debut album, When This Is Over.

Shad’s investment quickly proved to be a wise one. With his socially conscious lyrics, solid flow, and infectious beats, Shad’s debut album was a critical hit, grabbing the attention of music lovers everywhere and helping him land a deal with Black Box Recordings.

Since the release of his debut album and signing with his first label, Shad’s career has taken off. His Sophomore effort, The Old Prince, released in 2007, received a Rap Recording Of The Year nomination from The Juno Awards, the most prestigious honor in Canadian music, and immediately incorporated his name into the dialogue of North America’s most well-regarded MCs. His Third album, TSOL, released in 2010, won the 2011 Juno Award for Rap Recording Of The Year, the same category he was nominated for in 2007.

Notice a trend here? Unlike many artists out today, each album Shad releases seems to surpass his previous, whether in accolades, stardom, of fan appreciation. At this rate, by Shad’s 5th and 6th efforts he might control the entire hip-hop industry.

As I’ve stated before in other posts, hip-hop music has fallen into a trend of making songs about making money, sleeping with women, and getting fucked up. It’s refreshing to hear a socially conscious rapper come along and rap about real life situations and issues, especially when that rapper is as good and talented as Shad.

From what I’ve listened to so far, I’ve been extremely impressed with what Shad’s produced. His music is catchy, his lyrics bear meaning, and he seems like an overall fun guy who genuinely enjoys the music that he puts out. His efforts and talents have been recognized by his fans on an international level, and as his music continues to grow and prosper, their is no telling what the future holds for him.

For more awesome music from Shad, check out his website, SoundCloud page, and YouTube channel!