Artist Spotlight- Moon Taxi

This weeks Artist Spotlight belongs to alternative rockers, Moon Taxi.

Since 2006, Nashville based alternative rock/indie band Moon Taxi has been steadily making a name for themselves within the music industry. Comprised of 5 members, Trevor (Vocals), Spencer (Guitar), Tommy (Bass), Wes (Keyboard), and Tyler (drums), Moon Taxi has turned a few heads and made some noise in the music world with their unique sound and electric live performances.

Based in one of the leading music capitals in the US, Moon Taxi quickly built a large local following. With venues selling out and their music popular in demand, Moon Taxi was able to secure their first record deal with 12th South Records, and released their debut album, Melodica in 2007.

Wanting to promote their album and expand their fan base, and with social media not at the level it is today, Moon Taxi did what any other smart, talented band would do: play a shit ton of gigs. Spending the next several years touring and promoting their music, Moon Taxi created a large, dedicated following, leading to the release of their first live album, Live Ride, in 2007. With their first two album releases met with much critical acclaim and a rapidly growing fan base, Moon Taxi was on the road to success.

In need of a second true album, the band released Cabaret in 2012. With a lot of positive buzz surrounding their second release, Moon Taxi toured extensively to support Cabaret, including stops at popular festivals Bonnaroo, Forecastle and Lollapalooza. With their popularity at an all time high, Moon Taxi sold out a number of venues on their own by the end of 2012.

I was fortunate enough to catch Moon Taxi live just the other week when they played The Brooklyn Bowl with The Revivalists. Going into the show, I had only heard a couple of their songs and didn’t know what to expect from their performance. By the end of the first song I had a tough time lifting my jaw up from the floor.

All the statements and reviews I had read about their live performances was spot on. Their set was absolutely electric. Filled with high energy, incredible instrumentals, wonderful vocals, and impressive jams, I was absolutely in awe of the performance being put on in front of me. The next day I made sure to go straight to Spotify and listen to as much Moon Taxi as I possibly could.

I highly recommend everyone take a minute out of their day and check out a few songs from Moon Taxi. I guarantee you it will be time well spent. Head on over to their YouTube page for more great music and check out their Facebook for updates and dates of the next time they play near you!