Artist Spotlight- La La Lush

Really excited about this weeks Artist Spotlight

This weeks Artist Spotlight belongs to New York’s very own, up and coming pop-rock band, La La Lush.

I’ve been wanting to feature these young rockers here for the past few weeks but wanted to wait until they released their new EP to do so. With their brand new EP, officially released this week, I am happy to finally present to you, this weeks Artist Spotlight, La La Lush.

Formed in early 2012, New York based pop-rock band, La La Lush, has been cranking out good music for all of New York to hear. Created on the campus of the Bronx’s Fordham University, La La Lush consists of five extremely talented young musicians, Leea Borst (Vocals), Stephen Ferowicz (Keyboard), Steve Scarola (Guitar), Joe Farrel (Bass), and Cashell Barnett (Drums). Based in one of the nations leading music capitals, La La Lush has quickly forged a name for themselves within the music industry, playing a countless number of shows and accumulating a large, dedicated following.

Fusing together the elements of rock and roll and pop, with the powerful lead vocals of singer Leea Borst, heavy guitar riffs of Steve Scarola, and funk driven rhythms, La La Lush has been able to establish a unique sound that has captivated their audiences and turned heads within the music industry. Blending together genres like pop, rock, hip-hop, and grundge, La La Lush has a sound for just about every music lover out there.

La La Lush hasn’t just succeeded in making a name for themselves locally, they’ve shared the stage with top 40 act GROUPLOVE, they were selected by GEICO to represent the NYC indie music scene for their “Indie Across America” campaign, AND their song “Sentinel” chosen for a Mike&Ike commercial with the legendary icon, Nelly.

I was fortunate enough to catch La La Lush this past weekend at their EP release show at Bowery Ballroom and boy was I blown away. Having worked with guitarist Steve Scarola at my previous job, I had heard of his band and some of the music they played, but none of that could prepare me for what I witnessed. With a packed house, La La Lush did not disappoint. From start to finish they entertained their large following with hits from their first album, and songs off their new EP.

Having dominated famed local venues like Webster Hall, Gramercy Theater, and Bowery Ballroom, and having recently expanded their performances to venues in Philadelphia and Boston, there is plenty reasons to be excited for what the future holds for La La Lush.

My recommendation? Check out their music on Spotify/iTunes, follow them on their Facebook page, and be the first person on line to buy a ticket to their next show near you. I can guarantee that you won’t regret it!


Guitarist Steve Scarola originally rose to fame as a member of the famed top 40 pop band Push Play. Sharing stages with famous artists like Justin Bieber, Third Eye Blind, and Aretha Franklin. Check out MTV’s write up about them and Steve’s great dimples here! (Sorry Steve couldn’t resist)