Artist Spotlight- Jackson Breit

After a 2 week hiatus, Artist Spotlight returns with singer/songwriter, Jackson Breit.

Virginia raised, New Orleans educated, and Cali living Jackson Breit has been turning heads and making noise in the music industry since starting up in 2012.

Blending together the elements of reggae, hip-hop, pop, and blues, Jackson Breit refuses to let genre labels restrict his musical creativity. Combining his unique sound with his raspy, soothing voice, Breit has been pumping out quality music since the release of his first album, In The Shade, in December of 2012. Working alongside the likes of well-known producers Gramatik and Griz, Breit’s debut album was released to much fanfare and acclaim, helping to grow a strong following and gaining support from well known music websites like GoodMusicAllDay.

Since then, musics newest heartthrob has been hard at work, continually releasing top-notch music, playing shows, and building his brand. What started as a young college kid playing some music has blossomed into a serious career, and if his start to 2014 is any indication, big things are on the way for Jackson Breit.

Starting off 2014 on a strong note, Breit released his massive single, “Two Timing“. Gaining over 60k views on YouTube and SoundCloud, it’s safe to say that the release was a success, further launching Breit’s popularity. Continuing his strong 2014, Jackson Breit released his sophomore album, a two part EP, Good Times and Bad Times.

While some artists may take a short break and relax after all that time in the studio, Jackson Breit had different ideas. Continuing out his plan for music industry domination in 2014, Breit released an epic new song, “Coca Cola” just a few days ago. Sampling the iconic tune from the Coca Cola summertime commercials, Breit added his own flavor and sound, creating a song that has gone viral the past few days.

With a strong, raspy voice, unique sound, and good looks (seriously when has that ever hurt anybody?), Jackson Breit has all the skills and qualities needed to breakout on the music scene. With his strong start to 2014, don’t be surprised if Breit moves himself from an ‘Artist To Watch’ to One of the top artists of 2014.

Do yourself a favor, sit back, relax, and enjoy the summertime sound.

For more of Jackson Breit (which I’m sure you all want), check him out over on SoundCloud and YouTube. He has a ton of free downloads of his music over on his SoundCloud page so be sure to check it out!

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