Artist Spotlight- Captain Kidd

Browsing the internet aimlessly late night can have its advantages.

This weeks Artist Spotlight belongs to Ohio based band, Captain Kidd

Early this week I was browsing the internet late at night when I randomly came across Captain Kidd’s song, “Strangers In The Morning“. After first listen, I really enjoyed their sound and immediately went to Spotify to listen to more of their music. After listening to their self-titled, debut EP Captain Kidd, from front to back, I knew immediately that I needed to spotlight them this week.

Hailing originally from Cleveland, and now Columbus, Ohio, Captain Kidd jumped onto the scene after their formation in 2012. Comprised of six members,  Nathan Baumgard, Eric Blaha, Andrew Guitierrez, Stew Weinland, Nick Samson, and Pat Jennings, Captain Kidd has quickly found their stage and venue size increasing along with their popularity. With an alternative dance-pop sound Captain Kidd has been described as meshing the energetic music of acts like Foster The People and Arctic Monkeys with the pop melodies of a Justin Timberlake.

Their unique sound has garnered them a lot of attention throughout the Cleveland club circle, making them a must see act. As word traveled about Captain Kidd, they found their audiences getting larger and venue size increasing. After officially releasing their first single, “Freaky Love“, Captain Kidd began to turn more heads and generate a lot more buzz within the entire Ohio music community. They quickly found themselves selling out local venues and on the lineup card for some major music festivals this upcoming season.

With only a couple of years under their belt and only one EP released, there is still a lot left on the table for Captain Kidd to accomplish. With a rapidly growing fan base and a couple of festival stages to play this year, there is no reason to believe that Captain Kidd won’t blow up by years end.

Be on the lookout for more from Captain Kidd and be sure to check out their YouTube channel and Facebook page for more great music and updates from the band!