Armin van Buuren- This Is What It Feels Like (Cover)

One of the biggest EDM tracks of 2013 with an acoustic take

For some reason I really enjoy when artists take a popular EDM song and put their own acoustic take on it.

Madyon, hailing from northwest Italy, takes Armin Van Buuren’s hit song “This is What it Feels Like”, strips it down, and makes a very enjoyable acoustic version.

It was almost impossible not to go a day without hearing this song on the radio, at the gym, or at a bar or club in 2013. Madyon did an incredible job of covering this massive hit, keeping the identity of the song in tact while changing the pace and feel to make it sound completely different from the original.

Madyon has a bunch of other amazing covers (EDM, rock, and many more genres!) on their YouTube page so check them out and give them a listen!


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