Arkells- Come To Light

We’re Back!

After a long weekend in Dover, Delaware for Firefly Music Festival and some much needed recovery days, I am happy to announce that we are finally back and will be posting content daily once again! Firefly was an absolutely amazing experience and I hope to get a quick recap up sometime this week once I find more videos and content from the festival!

To kick off our return is Canadian alt rock band, Arkells with their new single, “Come To Light”.

The leading single off their upcoming album, High Noon, “Come To Light” proves to be a spectacular track from start to finish. With strong vocals combined with a fast paced, catchy melody, Arkells create an addictive track in “Come To Light” that will have you pressing play over and over again.

After taking a listen to “Come To Light” and checking out the Arkells on Facebook, I was shocked that their video didn’t have more views on YouTube. However, despite a lower number of views than expected, Arkells appear to have a large and dedicated following that has allowed them to reach a high level of success over the course of several years.

If “Come To Light” is any indication of what to expect from High Noon, I think we’ll be in for quite a treat!

High Noon is due out August 05. In the meantime, head on over to their SoundCloud page for some more awesome music!

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