Arison Cain- The Love and The Volume

Brand new song from this up and coming Pop-Rock artist

Based out of upstate New York from a place called Watertown is pop-rock artist, Arison Cain with his brand new song, “The Love and The Volume”. After perfecting is musical craft for nearly a decade, Arison Cain is ready to take center stage and turn heads within the industry.

“The Love and The Volume”, Cain’s brand new single, is a fantastic blend of the pop-rock genre that he has slowly established himself in. With powerful guitar riffs and honest and strong vocals, “The Love and The Volume” has what it takes to help establish Cain as a household name.

Having opened for major acts such as Patent Pending, Bright Eyes, and Bayside, Arison Cain is no stranger to the big stage. His live performances have been labeled by some as ‘eccentric’ and ‘magnetic’ and have even been describe by some as having to be seen to be believed.

I recommend everyone jump on the bandwagon and join Arison Cain in his rise to the charts ASAP. Check him out over on his YouTube channel and Facebook page for updates and more great music!

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