Ariana Grande- Problem (Cover)

The boys of Rixton are back!

Boy oh boy have things changed for Rixton over the past few months. Since posting their last cover 4 month ago (“My Love” Route 94 & Justine Timberlake mash up), Rixton as surged into the limelight with their smash hit, Billboard chart topping single, “Me and My Broken Heart”. With a mass increase in publicity and stardom, it took Rixton a little while to get back in the studio (understandably so) and deliver another top-notch cover of a hit pop song.

Taking on Ariana Grande’s hit pop song, “Problem”, the boys of Rixton fail to disappoint, delivering an unforgettable rendition that will keep you pressing play throughout the day. Adding their own unique sound and feel onto the song, Rixton creates a fun and energetic cover that easily separates itself from the rest.

It’s awesome to see a band that I’ve been following for quite some time make it as big as Rixton has over the past couple of months. Each time I hear “Me and My Broken Heart”, I’m sure to mention to everyone that these guys use to put out some of the best covers that the internet has to offer.

If you’ve never checked out Rixton before, or have only heard “Me and My Broken Heart”, do yourself a favor and check out their YouTube channel now! You won’t be disappointed!

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