Ann Street Soul- Getaway

Start your Friday off with this funky single.

Bringing us the funk by way of ¬†Ann Arbor, Michigan is the talented funk/soul band, Ann Street Soul, with their newest single “Getaway”.

An incredible fusion of funk and soul, “Getaway” delivers a high-quality, smooth sounding r&b, pop single that will leave grooving in your seat. With their sound rooted in Motown and classic r&b, Ann Street Soul helps bring the genre from a classical standpoint to the modern age with their impressive musicianship and unique sound.

I had never heard of Ann Street Soul before I found “Getaway” the other day, but after just one listen I can safely say I am hooked. They deliver a completely different sound from any mainstream band you will hear on the radio, and for me, that is incredibly refreshing.

I highly recommend you head on over to Ann Street Soul’s YouTube channel to check out more of their awesome music today!

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