Amber Run- Pilot

Great Song+Great Video= An Awesome 4 minutes

Starting off your Friday is UK based rock band, Amber Run with their new single “Pilot”.

The follow up music video to the successful release “I Found”, “Pilot” builds off the success of its predecessor. Combining an incredible melody with a captivating music video “Pilots” creates a unique experience that will leave viewers wanting more. Seeing how the video left us with a ‘cliffhanger’, it’s safe to assume that more of these incredible music videos will be on the way.

The namesake of their upcoming EP, “Pilots” features everything an artist would want in a track for a highly anticipated release. After the success of “I Found”, it’s comforting to see “Pilots” meet the same critical acclaim.

With success in two releases from Pilots EP, it is easy to assume that we are eagerly anticipating its release later this month. Tune in to Amber Pilot’s YouTube Channel for more great music and for the eventual release of part 3 of their music video series!

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