Acollective- BreakApart

Hands down one of the coolest music videos of 2014

Coming at us by way of Tel Aviv, Israel is indie rock group Acollective with their new single “BreakApart”.

Combining infectious melodies with one of the coolest and more unique music videos of 2014, Acollective delivers an incredible listening and viewing experience with “BreakApart. With a melody guaranteed to get stuck in your head and a video well on its way of going viral, “BreakApart” is certain to have you pressing play more than once.

Having just discovered Acollective the other day, I was thoroughly impressed after delving into more of their music. Their sound is unlike any indie-rock band out their today and their live show seems like one hell of a good time.

If you haven’t had the pleasure of checking out Acollective, we suggest you do so right away. With their infectious and upbeat sound, don’t be surprised if they quickly become your new favorite band!

You can find more great music from Acollective over on their YouTube channel.

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