A-Ha- Take On Me (Seven Handle Circus Cover)

Bluegrass+Classic 80’s rock= Instant Awesome

Coming at us all the way from Atlanta is folk/bluegrass band Seven Handle Circus covering A-Ha’s 80’s cult hit “Take On Me”.

Using traditional bluegrass instruments, Seven Handle Circus performs a spectacular bluegrass/folk inspired rendition of “Take On Me”. “Take On Me” is no easy song to cover, featuring fast-paced melodies and high-pitched vocals, but that didn’t seem to phase Seven Handle Circus as they performed a near flawless cover.¬†Even on a scorching hot day Seven Handle Circus maintained their cool as they hit all the right notes and harmonized beautifully.

If you are on the lookout for quality folk/bluegrass music, head on over to Seven Handle Circus’s YouTube channel. With several original videos and a handful of covers, Seven Handle Circus’s YouTube channel will keep you busy for hours!

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