5 Seconds of Summer- She Looks So Perfect

One of the summers hottest songs with the bluegrass treatment

British country band and YouTube sensations The Beef Seeds are back with another incredible bluegrass rendition of a hit pop song, this time of 5 Seconds of Summer’s smash hit, “She Looks So Perfect”.

Reworking one of summers hottest pop songs, The Beef Seeds do a spectacular job yet again, adding their trademark bluegrass sound to this boy band hit. Whether you enjoy country music or not, all fans of music can appreciate the skill demonstrated in recreating a hit boy band song into a bluegrass jam.

I’ve been following The Beef Seeds for some time now and have yet to be disappointed by the content they put out. If you enjoy country and bluegrass style covers of hit pop songs, do yourself a favor and subscribe to The Beef Seeds YouTube channel, you won’t be disappointed!

While there are thousands upon thousands of covers of “She Looks So Perfect” out on YouTube, The Beef Seeds version easily stood out from the rest. Through reimagining the hit pop song in a country music setting, The Beef Seeds were able to create a whole new version of the song.